Best Jazz Trombone Reviews and Guide

Major Fact About Best Jazz Trombone –

  1. – The word trombone is originated from the Italian and German word meaning trumpet which is known by several names like the tuba, the trumpet, trombone, etc.
  2. – The creator of the trombone and creation date is still unknown. But the use of trombones was started many years ago. Since the 15th century, the use of trombone is found in the history.
  3. – The trombone is a unique and different instrument in the brass family. It uses the slide to alter pitches instead of the valve.

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Glory GTD-2 B Flat Brass Trombone

Among all the musical instruments, the trombone is one of the simplest brass instruments. The range of the trombone is somewhere between the trumpet and tuba. For the band or funky music, the popularity of the trombone is sky high. This simple musical instrument is famous for turning all kind of music genres.

The trombone is a musical instrument which is the member of the brass family. You will find the use of trombone in all genre of music. From the classical to the pop and rock music, the trombone has great use in different areas. Though it is a member of the brass family, there are some differences in trombone and other brass instruments. To change the notes, trombone uses slides. The other brass instruments use a valve instead of a slide. This is the basic difference of trombone to the other brass musical instrument. You have to move the slides to change the notes.

jazz trombone reviews

Buying guide for best jazz trombone:- 

Whether you are a first-time buyer or not you should know few things while purchasing the right trombone. Different features, characteristics, styles, and designs play the vital role while choosing the right trombone. Everyone has the specific area of expertise and interest in music. Depending on the genre you select for music, you need to choose the trombone for you. You will find out a wide range of diversity and specifications of trombone on the market. Though different people look for different things while buying a trombone, here I have tried to compile the most important points to be considered while buying one.

Bore :

While buying a trombone, you need to consider the size of the bore carefully. As the bore size of the trombone varies widely, you have to choose one carefully. You will generally get the bore size from the .485” to .562”. The bore of jazz instrument comes in .485” size where the Bass trombone comes in .562” size. The largely sized bores are easier to control and usually much flexible than the others.

Bell :

While buying a trombone, you need to consider the size of the bore carefully. As the bore size of the trombone varies widely, you have to choose one carefully. You will generally get the bore size from the .485” to .562”. The bore of jazz instrument comes in .485” size where the Bass trombone comes in .562” size. The largely sized bores are easier to control and usually much flexible than the others.

Rotary Valves :

You can find different types of rotors used in Bass Trombones. When the trombone is played, it constricts the airflow. The previous designs of the rotors come with various components which were barriers to producing clear sound. But nowadays different models and style of the rotors have been developed. Usually, the bigger rotors can pass through the vertical airflow if they have large diameters. Depending on the music type you want to produce, you can use the rotors for your trombone.

Open or Closed Wrap? :

This is one of the most important considerations while choosing a trombone. Different types of wrap come with various features. Depending on the open or close wrap, the compactness, blowing feel, and the protection is determined. Though both of the covers are available on the market and different users have different preferences, many manufacturers only offer the open wrap option for the users. As the open wrap comes with the free blowing rotor, it is also preferable for the users.

Bass Trombone Configurations :

You may have to play your trombone with the different range of keys. You need to have a correct computation while playing the trombone. What you will get to choose between the single rotor and double rotor bass trombone. The single rotor has easy usage, but you have to engage both of the rotors while playing the dual rotors.

Slides :

To get the light and clear sound, you need to use the slide which is made from the corrosion-free material and at the same time lightweight. Nowadays slides are being made of the nickels for the specific features of it. It is lightweight and corrosion free. So, it is easier to use for the slide of the trombone.

So, these are some most important factors to consider while choosing your desired trombone.

Top Five Best Jazz Trombone Reviews

We analyzed and figure out the top five jazz trombone available in the market. Here we list down the detailed review from our end –

1. pBONE1B Blue Jiggs Plastic Trombone

If you are looking for a lightweight and bright colored trombone, the PBONE1B Jiggs Plastic Trombone is the best choice for you. The beautiful design and versatile use have made this trombone a popular choice for the people. Starting from the beginners to the expert and skilled musicians, the instrument is popular to all. This trombone is designed by a team of British musician. The lightweight and ergonomic design of this trombone are made for all hand size and shape. Though it is made with the plastic, it is tougher and less destructive than the other type of traditional trombone.

pBONE1B Blue Jiggs Plastic Trombone

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What We Like –

– This trombone is lightweight with glass fiber lockable slides.
– It comes with a matching mouthpiece.
– The plastic used in this trombone is tough and highly durable.
– The trombone has .500 bore which is pitched in Bb.
– For the ergonomic design, it is easy to hold and carry.

What  We Don’t  Like –

– Even if it has all the cool features, it is made of plastic after all and sounds more like plastic when it is played.

2. Mendini by Gold Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

For the beginner trombone players and the students, the Mendini by Cecilio is the best choice to consider. It is made with the small bore which makes this instrument best for the beginners and the jazz music players. It comes with a lot of small devices like silver plated mouthpiece, a pair of glove, backpack, and cleaning cloth. So, you will get everything included in the packages when you buy this trombone.

Mendini Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

What We Like –

– It comes with 8” bell and 500” medium bore.
– You will get the weight in a balanced distributive format. So, you won’t feel it too heavy to use.
– As it comes with a 1 year warranty period, you can use it for 1 year without being worried.
– It is available with the tuner, pocketbook and other so many accessories which have made using this instrument extremely easy.
– The price of this instrument is reasonable which has made this a popular choice for the beginners.

What  We Don’t  Like –

– It creates some noise while playing. However, the noise can’t be heard if you are not listening from to close.
– The black rubber feet of the case starts to fall off after using for a few months.

3. Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

The Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone is a beautiful musical instrument with reasonably priced. The sound quality of this trombone is very good. It comes with a one-year replacement warranty for any kind of manufacturing defects which has made this trombone more popular. The slide of this trombone can be moved freely which is the plus point for any musician. Again, the lacquer of this trombone is extra stylish. This is the reasons why it is the top choice among the users. But it has few minor defects which you must look into before buying.

Mendini MTB-31 B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

What We Like –

– Stylish lacquer and convenient design is the perfect choice for any trombone player.
– The inner and outer slide has made it more convenient and easier to use.
– It has .547” large bore and 8.5” bell.
– The nickel plated lead pipe is also an addition to the design of this trombone.
– The durable hard case protects it from all kind of damages and lasts for a long time.
– It comes with a lot of accessories which has made using this device fun.

What  We Don’t  Like –

– The metal used in this trombone is not that shiny
– The instruments made for this trombone should be placed with more care for more durability and longevity.

4. The Kazoo Company 201 Metal Trombone

The kazoo metal trombone is a trombone made of metal. It comes with a bell and slide which works without affecting the sound. The mouthpiece of this trombone is made of plastic. This 11 inches long metal trombone is suitable for use to the children above three years. Made in the USA, this trombone comes with a full package to generate great sound.

Kazoo Company 201 Metal Trombone


What We Like –

– This metal trombone is tiny but extremely adorable and easy to use.
– It is a good choice for the children over three years old.
– This device is made in the USA.

What  We Don’t  Like –

– This device is tinier than it is seen.
– The construction of this instrument is not so strong.

4. Glory GTD-2 B Flat Brass Trombone

For the beginners and students, the Glory GTD-2B Flat Brass trombone is the ideal choice. The standard and flawless finish of this trombone is suitable for the students and beginners. Coming with different accessories and features, it is a good choice for the beginners.

Glory GTD-2 B Flat Brass Trombone

What We Like –

– It is a lightweight and compact instrument for the beginners.
– It comes with a pair of gloves, a compartment in the case, and a few more other accessories.

What  We Don’t  Like –

– It is not suitable to use for the professionals.

Different Kinds of Best Jazz Trombone

There are different types of trombones which are used to create different types of music. Few major types of trombone are discussed below-

**Standard Bb Tenor Trombone

Standard BB tenor trombone is the most basic trombone in the brass family. This is one of the most classical trombones. It is designed in the early 17th century, and the design of the trombone is still the same like before. But the size of the trombone has been changed and has become bigger than the previous design. Pitched in Bb, this trombone is suitable to play in every type of music ranging from the classical to the latest band. For the beginners, this trombone is very suitable to play. It is a lightweight trombone and sounds quite open.

**The Tenor Trombone with valve attachment

The basic differences between this trombone and the standard Bb tenor trombone are in the size of the bore and bell. The size of these two trombones is quite the same, but the bore size of the tenor trombone is larger than the standard Bb tenor trombone. For the large and open sound and projection, this type of trombone is being widely used. But if you want to get the full sound, you will need to have more air.

This trombone has extra tubing and a valve. If you want to get the sound from the lower keys to the extended range, you can go for this type of trombone. Players, who can reach to the end of the slide, can use this trombone easily. However, as the trombone comes with extra tubing, it is quite heavier than the other models of the trombones. Different valves of this trombone come with different features and qualities. You will get two configurations on the extra tubing of the tenor trombone. These are –

1.Open wrap 2. Closed wrap

You will get the more open feeling while playing with the open wrap valve than the closed wrap.

**The Bass Trombone

For the additional valve attachment, the bass trombone is usually bigger than the tenor trombone. This trombone comes with the largest bell. The size of the bell starts from the 9.5 to the 11 inches. Depending on the style and the model the no of valve varies. Normally the bass trombone comes with two valves. It is one of the most versatile and popular trombones among all. You can play this instrument in any range from the low to extremely high.

The weight of the bass trombone depends on the valves attached to it. Normally the bass trombone with two valves is more expensive and heavier than the trombone with the single valves.

**Alto trombone

Alto trombone is the smallest trombone among all of the trombones. This trombone is suitable to use for the beginners who are learning trombone for the first time. On the history of trombone, it was quite a popular trombone and had been played almost two centuries. After that different new versions of the trombones have come and the popularity of it has become decreased. However, for teaching and learning, this is still the first choice to the students. As this trombone is lighter and shorter in size than the other trombone, young learner and children find it easy to carry and play.

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Jazz Trombone Characteristics

To buy or learn how to play the trombone, you need to understand the attributes of the trombone correctly. The features of trombone are discussed below-

The body of a trumpet varies not dramatically from that of a trumpet, which is why it is explained only on two peculiarities of the trumpet. There is first the train, the top quality of which, so to speak, is the O of a trombone. It is made of various steels, which also vary qualitatively. Likewise in the production or processing, there are numerous opportunities. Traces of nickel silver, then difficult chromium-plated, nevertheless, are today an ideal remedy, as they promise a long life.

Also, there are trombones with shutoffs. If a trombone has just one shutoff, it is a supposed 4th valve. Some trombones have another, supposed additional or 5th shutoff.

The 4th valve does not necessarily expand the series of the trombone by one fourth downwards. The anticipated noise is F if a Bb on the trombone is blown right into pull setting 1 and the fourth valve is dispirited. The fixed tube of the 4th valve is calculated for this primary size of the instrument. The total length of the instrument immediately lengthens if you now move to the 7th placement with the train. Television of the quartz valve, nonetheless, unavoidably remains the same length as well as because it is no more about the overall size now sustained, the costs do not pay. By pressing the Quaternary are therefore just six train positions usable.

What is the best choice of trombone for the beginners?

The beginners should start with the most basic type of trombone. As you will learn the basic music lesson with the trombone, you need to choose it carefully. The straight tenor trombone is the best choice for the beginners. When you are ready, you can switch to the F-rotor. To bring the flexibility and depth on the singing, one can use the advanced trombone after learning the basic. However, the most advanced singers also use the straight trombone to practice and add difference on the music.

The beginners should choose the small bore horn while practicing. As the small bore horn takes less air, it can be adjusted with anyone. For the forced sound and more strong sound, the intermediate players can start with the medium and large bore. The medium and the large bore produce more powerful and controlled sound. However, the choice of the trombone should be depended on the type of music you want to play. The use of bore is different than the music players and bass players. The bass trombone has the bore of around.562” where the symphonic trombonists use the bore of around .547”.

You will find out a lot of options on the market while buying a trombone. But not all of the trombones are appropriate for you. Budget is always an important consideration while buying a trombone. You should set your budget and requirements at first while buying one. Your musical interest, dedication, playing style, course outlines, are also some important things to consider while purchasing a trombone. You need to look at these things carefully while buying one. For the beginners, small bore should be chosen, and if you want to upgrade your trombone, you should look for the advanced models on the market.

One of the most common dilemmas of the beginner players can be whether they should buy a trombone or rent it. If you are not sure about learning trombone, you can try out for a few days renting one. But if you are serious about learning, you should go for buying one.

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